Superpowers and Strengths

Connecting the Dots

If there’s one consistent theme that runs through my life, it would be the deep-seated need and ability to connect the dots of ideas, people, trends, problems and solutions or anything else in new and unusual ways. A few ways this superpower manifests are:


There’s nothing I love more than learning about and keeping tabs on new ideas, emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, evolving concepts and, more importantly, how people are blending and mashing up these things for their own purposes. But running a close second is the enjoyment I get from sharing what I find and making connections between a new trend or idea and someone who I know will delight in or have use for that information.

Brainstorming and Ideation

Coolhunting provides the fuel for my core superpower: The ability to see patterns in, extrapolate from,  and synthesize disparate ideas and concepts to generate new ideas. This process is one of the activities that makes me feel most alive and in my element; when I’m in this headspace, everything just clicks into place and suddenly I can see a whole universe of new connections and possibilities ready to play and experiment with.

Problem-Solving and Solutions

A side effect of this ability is being able to quickly see several solutions to a given problem, often in ways that are far more lateral, “out of the box” and creative than those generated by taking a more linear approach to the issue. Often enough, these solutions wind up transforming what was once an obstacle into an opportunity.

Social Media

My drive to connect with ideas, trends, mind-spaces and people makes the social web an ideal environment for me to operate in. As such, I am a self-confessed social media junkie who’s exceedingly comfortable navigating and operating in the social web. If you need someone who lives and breathes in the online world like a fish in water, I’m your girl.

Serving Others

My second core superpower is the inescapable drive to use my skills, abilities and experience to help others enjoy what they have and explore new options that will improve their quality of life. In day to day life, this manifests as:

Experience Curation

I love being in situations where I can help create, direct and curate experiences for others that will improve their lives, open their minds, or be entertained. To this end, I’ve helped organize local TEDx events, written and facilitated role playing games (online and in person), moderated/managed online communities and am having a ball in my current role as the shop assistant at my local yarn shop, where I get to help our community of crafters explore options, discover new possibilities and learn new skills in the activities they love.

Community Development/Support

I am very clear about the fact that successful people are built from successful communities and vice versa. As a result, I’m always involved in a few projects or volunteer positions that allow me to play an active role in building and supporting the community I live in, locally or globally. It’s very important to me to pay back/forward at least a small part of the support and opportunities that I’ve benefited from in my own life, and to help create as much opportunity for others to succeed as possible.




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