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My professional experience includes ghostwriting, content production/editing, collaborative writing, copywriting, editorial management, web content creation and consulting.

Personal Development/Self-Improvement

My professional background is strongly grounded in the personal development, self improvement and business training fields, including private-practice life coaching, train-the-trainer/coach training, public speaking, marketing, and R&D/product development and product creation.

Health and Wellness

Along with my own personal interest in this subject, I’ve frequently worked with health and wellness experts who are reaching out to clients and markets in the personal development sector. I am also an active member in a popular, fast-growing online fitness community and am currently pursuing a degree in Health and Wellness Promotion to further expand my professional expertise, with an eye toward eventually creating a career in this field.

Social Media

I have a wide range of experience working and delivering services and products through social web technologies, online communities and e-learning platforms as well as more traditional formats, in both B-to-B and B-to-C settings.



DIY/Maker/Craft Culture

I have a lifetime of experience in the crafting/maker culture, both personally as well as professionally.

Urban Homesteading

I was raised by back-to-the-land hippies and I never grew out of the mindset. I am constantly experimenting with container, square-foot, intensive and other urban-friendly gardening methods. I’m also experienced in food preservation and small-flock poultry farming, as well as having an unhealthy obsession with composting.

Geek/Nerd Culture

Role playing games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Neil DeGrass-Tyson fan-squee, Doctor Who…chances are, if it’s geeky, I love it.

Web Culture

If it’s on or related to the web, chances are I’ve seen it, done it, heard about it, am a part of it or am actively avoiding it.

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