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At The Moment...

I am currently attending UNC Asheville, pursuing a B. S. in Health and Wellness with a minor in Maths/Statistics. 

Professional Background/Skillset

Community Outreach and Advocacy 

Volunteer Management/Coordination 

Personal Development/Coaching 

Project/Team Management 

Content and Product Development  

Marketing and Product Strategy 

Community Management 

E-learning/Virtual Training 

Training and Curriculum Design

For a full resume, visit my LinkedIn page.

Ideas, Innovation and Creative Problem Solving

Want to wind me up and watch me go? Then give me a creative challenge. I thrive in generative environments where new ground is being broken, visions are being mind-mapped on whiteboards and the shape of tomorrow is being hammered out over lunch. 

Nothing inspires me quite like sitting down with a clean slate, the seed of an idea, and the chance to build something new where nothing was before (or to take something old and worn and breathe new life into it). Success is all about the stories we tell ourselves and the world. And every great story starts with a blank sheet of paper...

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